Test anglického jazyka

Otestujte si s námi Vaši úroveň angličtiny a zjistěte, která skupinka by pro Vás byla ta pravá!

Odpovězte na následující otázky:
  1. My parents
    in China.
  2. I think this is
    song on this CD.
  3. The film was really
    . I nearly fell asleep.
  4. He
    me if I could tell him the way.
  5. My brother
    a job at the moment.
  6. Did you
    any sightseeing in London?
  7. Emma
    every school holiday in France.
  8. My wife
  9. Where were you
    February 22?
  10. He was
    teacher I had.
  11. When
    on holiday to Italy?
  12. Jack has to be very
    . He has just failed his test again.
  13. You drive
    than me.
  14. I
    shower when the water stopped working.
  15. We were too late. When we arrived at the station, the train
  16. you ever bought anything on the internet?
  17. We
    work tomorrow.
  18. If I
    you, I’d look for another job.
  19. A key is a thing
    opens the door.
  20. If I
    the bus I”ll get taxi.
  21. , put your hat on.
  22. The house
    $96,000 in 2012.
  23. “I love you.” He said he
  24. We painted our
  25. I
    the gym Friday evening.
  26. I put
    salt in the soup.
  27. Let’s order pizza! We don’t have
    to cook for dinner.
  28. to the tennis match on Sunday?
  29. I have two brothers. My
    bikes were repaired.
  30. She
    invite him if she didn’t want him to come.
  31. I wish I
    rude to them.
  32. Tim denied
    the window.
  33. I don’t mind
  34. I am sure I left my umbrella at home. I don’t have it now. I
    my umbrella at home.
  35. We enjoyed our holiday
    the weather.
  36. That’s my neighbor
    dog never stops barking.
  37. It was
    weather that the match has to be cancelled.
  38. She is
  39. You
    him. He was standing in front of you!
  40. Women have
    opportunities than 50 years ago!